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    Duties, Customs & Tax



     We are located in Shenzhen and we don’t add any taxes, VAT, or other hidden charges to the price of your order. All you pay will be the total cost of the items and the shipping fees.




      Sometimes the goods under a certain value, or in certain categories, do not incur taxes. It is hard for us to know the regulations of customs in every country in the world, so it is your responsibility to know the actual rules of the customs in your country and then you can tell us the declared value to us when you place the order .


     Normally we will write the declared value under the 50 dollars and mark it as a gift on the package when sending out so that it can’t be easily incur the duties to some extend.




    Who will be charge for the duties ?



      Every countries have their own special regulations for the customs and the above method will be the general way for clearance , so if the duties of the package incurred, it will be the buyer’s responsibility to do the customs clearance. Since the buyer should tell us their special rules of customs to us at first, so the situation will not be easily happened.